Why create a weeWeb?


Why create a weeWeb?


Life is already complicated but setting up your web presence doesn’t have to be.

My weeWeb is the simple solution to your web presence.  With our easy to navigate environment and professionally designed templates to choose from, enjoy less set up time and easier editing and maintenance of your weeWeb.  Avoid expensive and complicated website builders that often leave you overwhelmed and offer options and extras you don’t need but are paying for.  By creating a weeWeb, attract a broader audience, look bigger, more professional and create credibility for your business.  With My weeWeb’s affordable, stress free and easy Do-It-Yourself web solution get online faster and start building your web presence today!  At My weeWeb, our basic web presence principles lets you do more with less.

Eliminate the “Big 3”:

Avoid having a homepage, an about us page and a contact page.  Create a weeWeb in 3 easy steps and simplify your web presence by displaying all your pertinent information conveniently on one page and have your weeWeb:

  • Serve as a storefront window and help you make a good first impression.
  • Help people understand your business by showcasing what you offer and what you do best.
  • Be a place to direct people to your essential contact details and other methods of reaching you.

 Provide simple to use tools:

Getting web presence has never been easier.  Get your web footprint started with our easy Do-It-Yourself web solution and stop struggling with complex web tools from other providers.  Be online in minutes and start having your web presence work for you.  Our easy to navigate environment, step through instructions and helpful hints will guide you through each step in the process, guaranteeing faster set up and publishing of your weeWeb.

Simply (1) choose a template, colour and font, (2) enter your weeWeb details and then (3) personalize the content with your own text and favourite photos.  And easily make changes to your weeWeb at anytime.

Gain and maximize exposure:  

Let your weeWeb be your elevator pitch.  Get your point across quickly, spark interest and explain what your company does and its value proposition.  Let your weeWeb be your persuasive speech to get viewers interested in hearing more about you.  With the internet conveniently at everyone’s fingertips, it is imperative for people to locate your web presence.  Having a weeWeb is a fast and easy way to:

  • Generate excitement and create awareness of your business
  • Conveniently promote the products you offer or the personalized service you provide
  • Provide immediate access to your company information
  • Strengthen your branding in the marketplace
  • Reach a broader audience or target specific audiences
  • Have a virtual sales force available 24/7
  • Heighten public interest about new services, product launches or the release of timely information
  • Compete in a dynamic environment

Anyone can create a weeWeb:

Whether it is business or pleasure, we have the simple solution to your web presence.

Businesses: “Passion fuels the entrepreneurial spirit”.

As more and more people go into business for themselves and face hurdles associated with starting a new business, we understand being online is crucial to your bottom line.  Our easy Do-It-Yourself web solution is ideal for busy entrepreneurs or small businesses looking to make a mark in the online community.  Benefit from being online and reach a broader audience, strengthen your branding, have millions view your weeWeb and have more time to concentrate on important business matters.  Get web presence in minutes without all the fuss and start connecting with people today.

Shared Interest Enthusiasts: “Share your passion”.

You do not need to have a business to use My weeWeb.  We welcome anyone needing a simple web solution.  Use your weeWeb as a shared interest platform to showcase what you are passionate about, to share expertise and get connected with other people who share your interests, creative talents or hobbies.  Direct people to your weeWeb and share your passion with the rest of the world. 

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